Dem û Caz

Workshop – Content Production


06/09/2020 – 10/12/2020

The Time and Jazz aims at creating creating a discussion space from a new perspective through five-weeks long six radio programs on jazz music and social issues. Twelve young participants prepare radio programs after participating in the conceptual workshops on social issues as well as technical training conducted by various experts. The programsa re then broadcasted locally and online on the Radio Amed in Kurdish. Also, it is aimed to build a muscial familarity among the listeners by the jingle of the program which is an arrangement of a traditional Kurdish song in the swing jazz style.

While the project proposes to think and discuss social issues from multiple cultural perspectives, it also aspires to broaden the limits of Kurdish radio broadcast in terms of genre variety. Therefore, the project is intending for Kurdish radio listeners who are already familiar with listening to traditional folk music will also become familiar with the jazz music genre, songs, and stories. It is planned to continue and share the programs online, in written and audio forms, even after the completion of the project. Through, it is targeted to create an archive in Kurdish fort he accesses of the interested public.